Welcome one and all to the NEW FifaChamps.  We hope you like the new enviroment that were in and we look forward to any feedback on improvements as we can get.  At the moment we are offering two FIFA modes for game play, they are currently Pro Clubs and FUT.


Pro Clubs will be a minimum of 6 players GK & ANY the reason we’re having the minimum slighlty higher than most is to promote the idea of teams having 11 players.  This will make the teams stronger and ultimatley bring more competition to the site.  The game days and times are as follows:

Tuesday and Thursdays at 8:15pm, 8:45pm and 9:15pm


FUT League, This will be a no limit league, meaning players can have any type of teams the wish to use in the league.  We will also be running tournaments weekly that will have caps on the value and rating of the squads to be used.  This will range from BSG Squads (Bronze, Silver, Gold) to 30K squad Caps.  We are not having specific game days or times for this, as long as there is a minimum of 2 games played a week and a maximum of 5, then you and your opponent can agree on the game schedules.


Potential site addons

One thing we would like to do here at FIFAChamps is bring more new and fresh ideas for you to play and participate in, One of these things were looking at is bringing in a CO-OP Seasons League.  This will be where You and a friend will take part in the league together.  This will be any teams you wish to use the only limit is all squads must be default team sheets NO CUSTOM TEAM SHEETS.  If there is enough interest generated in this then we will add it to the site in the near future.  Any other ideas you guy have and would wish to share then please get in contact with one of us.